about us

We, the Müller family, have been at home in the jewelry trade since the early 1980s.

Horst Müller, certified diamond appraiser, founded the Tiffy jewelry and wedding ring studio in 1988 after many years of experience as a freelance jewelry dealer together with his wife Ingeborg. First in a small shop in downtown Ansbach, on Schwanenstrasse. After many successful years, the Tiffy jewelry and wedding ring studio, now with two employees, moved to the surrounding Uzstrasse.

In 2010, his son Peter Müller, who previously supported the management for several years, took over the business and continues to run it in the style of his predecessor: With a great team, service-oriented and with a lot of joy in jewelry!

Peter Müller Tiffy Ansbach Schmuck Juwel

Peter Müller

& Owner

Horst Müller Tiffy Ansbach

Horst Müller

& Diamond expert

Ingeborg Müller Tiffy Ansbach Schmuck

Ingeborg Müller

Jewelry specialist
& Senior boss

Simone Schorr Müller Tiffy Ansbach

Simone Schorr-Müller

& Service

Lara Nadine Müller Tiffy Ansbach Schmuck

Lara Müller

Part-time saleswoman
& Service

Tiffy Tiffy.jpeg

Tiffany Haas

Part time saleswoman
& Service


Mrs. Wimmer

& Pearl specialist


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